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Signs You Need Furnace Repairs

It’s best to make sure your furnace is working properly before winter sets in. You’ll enjoy peace of mind when the temperature drops knowing your whole household remains toasty despite the cold air outside. The best way to make sure you’re ready for the long Midwest winter is to check for signs that indicate your furnace or heating system needs repairs. According to Armbrust Plumbing and Heating Solutions, some of the most common reasons for having furnace repairs include:

  • Filters that Are Clogged or Dirty
  • Worn Down Mechanics
  • Overdue Maintenance
  • Controller Problems with Pilot
  • Malfunctioning Thermostat

These kinds of problems can lead to a low-performing heater or a furnace that doesn’t heat at all. Other problems that arise from furnaces that need repairs include frequent cycling, a continuously running blower, and a noisier than usual furnace. When you know what to look and listen for, you may be able to prevent a small problem from becoming a larger, more expensive one.

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Why You Should Check Your Furnace before the Cold Weather Hits

furnace pipingThough winter is still many months away, it’s important to start planning for the cold before it hits. You’ve most likely not even thought about your furnace since the late spring, and though it hasn’t been used, it’s important to ensure that everything is how it should be before turning it on for the first time of the season. Below are just a few reasons why you should check your furnace before the cold weather sets in.

Most importantly, you want to make sure that your furnace is operational before when you’d need it. Turning it on during a chilly morning can help you determine if it’s functioning as usual or may need some maintenance. You also want to ensure that there are no odd smells or sounds coming from the furnace.

Turning your furnace on early can help you detect or eliminate any potential safety concerns. It also gives you the opportunity to have anything replaced or repaired before you need to crank the heat, as a cold house can be extremely uncomfortable for family, pets, and guests.

It’s important to have your furnace checked out by the professionals, especially if something doesn’t seem right. Amrbrust Plumbing offers exceptional Glen Ellyn furnace repair services to homeowners in need of an experienced hand. Give us a call today at (630) 547-7500 to schedule a service appointment.