Ejector Pumps Wheaton IL

Ejector Pumps Wheaton IL

Ejector Pumps Wheaton

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Signs You Need a New Ejector Pump Wheaton IL

If you hear unusual noises from your residential or commercial basement, it may be time replace the ejector pump. The same is true if you detect unpleasant odors coming from the basement. When an ejector pump malfunctions completely, the result can be unsanitary conditions that require immediate clean up.

An ejector pump is comparable in a lot of ways to a sump pump. The main similarity is that ejector pumps collect water in addition to wastewater. If your sump pump manages wastewater, it probably features a sealed lid upon the basin. Also, it likely has a vent to permit sewer gas to escape. It will usually have a pipe that connects it to a sewer line as well.

Fortunately, ejector pumps typically show warning indicators before they fail. For instance, you’ll hear the motor run but the pump may not be ejecting a lot of water. Another sign of trouble is when the motor switches off before the pit empties. In contrast, if an ejector pump runs even after the pit empties, it likely needs repair or replacement.

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When you experience problems with an ejector pump at your residence or business, contact the experts for help right away. Please do not attempt to resolve the issue by yourself. In the event of a mistake, a fairly minor problem can turn into a major one. Give Armbrust Plumbing & Heating Solutions a call at or to set a service appointment. We’ll dispatch a technician at your convenience.

Ejector pumps are utilized when a basement is located below the level of a home’s main sewer line. Wastewater flow depends upon gravity. Consequently, plumbing fixtures located below a sewer line require a means of elevating the wastewater so it flows properly.

Commonly used in houses that feature utility rooms or basement bathrooms.

Not every basement requires them. However, they’re essential when sewer lines run to a point that’s high than the plumbing fixtures. Ejector pumps serve to pump water and solids upward to sewer lines for proper flow. Ejector pumps are common with septic drainage-field systems often found at rural locations. Typically, holding tanks are somewhat higher than most basement plumbing system fixtures.

Sewage ejector pumps sit within a sump basin in the ground below the grade. The basin typically contains approximately 30 gallons of wastewater for a medium-size home. Drain lines from the basement fixtures slope downward into the basin. When the wastewater in the basin rises to a specific level, a floatation arm starts the pump. The pump forces wastewater out of the basin up to the sewage line. Once the wastewater level goes back down, the floatation arm sinks and switches off the pump.

The concept compares to the way a sump pump functions. However, instead of pumping water out of the location, it flows out to the sewer lines.

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 System Requirements

Sewage ejector pumps require a vent to equalize the pressure while it pumps. A vent also provides an important escape outlet for sewer gas. The vent usually connects to another vent stack or runs upwards through the roof.

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