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Backup Sump Pump

The prospect of basement flooding is certainly something no homeowners wish to face. The consequences such as ruined furniture, carpet and drywall can become expensive. Along with the potential water damage to boxes, electronics and other possessions typically kept in basements. A main, electrical-powered sump pump is an excellent safeguard against flooding. However, in the event your main pump fails it is essential to be ready with a Backup Sump Pump. A one-time affordable investment, a backup pump provides valuable extra protection.

Common Causes of Primary Sump Pump Failure

  • -Loss of power.
  • -Clogged or frozen discharge pipes.
  • -Tripped circuit breakers.
  • -Blown fuse.
  • -Power line damage.
  • -Stuck or broken float switch.
  • -Pump burns out, unplugs or jams up with excess mud.
  • -Broken drive shaft or impeller.
  • -Water leaks into the basement.

Varieties of Backup Sump Pumps

High output, 12-volt powered sump pump. This type of backup sump pump runs on independent power sources from any car battery, for instance. Some varieties are able to pump for as long as eight straight hours at top speed. That provides valuable time to return your primary sump pump system to working order.

Backup Sump Pumps from Armbrust Plumbing & Heating Solutions

Backup sump pumps serve to help prevent the risk of basement floods. At relatively low cost, they can prevent significant loss. However, backup pumps should be used as a backup only and not as a main sump pump. They are made specifically for emergency situations while a main pump is out of order.

To offer dependable protection, a battery backup sump pump should at the least sound an alarm when it activates. Also, it should monitor its own battery and signal the homeowner when a problem occurs.

Protect Your Basement with a Backup Sump Pump

When considering a backup sump pump, look for a unit that:

  • -Pump lots of water. Some backup units possess small, lower capacity pumps that simply can’t keep up with the water amount. Our representatives can recommend a backup pump that’s suitable for your basement.
  • -Conduct regular self-tests to confirm the pump remains operational. Also, this feature prolongs the service lifespan of the backup unit.
  • -Sounds an alarm sufficiently loud enough to alert the homeowner. For instance, when there’s any indication of a problems such as if the backup pump activate. Some units have a light or “beeper” that’s only audible unless one happens to be close by at moment. Ideally, a backup sump pump interfaces with residential alarm systems to ensure effectiveness.
  • -Runs indefinitely on alternating current power. Some backup sump pumps cannot run directly on AC power and drain battery power to function. As a consequence, when the main pump fails it’s necessary to replace it very soon before the battery is empty.
  • -Accepts a second battery. With a second battery for your backup sump pump, you’ll have about twice as much running time without electrical AC power. Without a doubt, this is a benefit for homeowners in an area that experiences power outages.
  • -Monitors battery status. Dead batteries are the leading cause of backup sump pump failure. Many homeowners don’t remember to check batteries regularly. However, that issue can resolve with a pump that monitors its own battery status. It indicates how much power remains, tracks the battery’s fluid level and even warns of a loose connection. When the time comes to replace the pump’s battery, it alerts the homeowner.

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