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Most homeowners possess a few useful tools to manage minor plumbing situation. For instance, a toilet clog toilet or slow draining sink may only require a few minutes with a plunger. If you’re fairly handy around your home, you can usually perform a minor repair like changing a washer. However, more involved plumbing repairs call for professional service.

Plumbing Upkeep

One way of avoiding expensive repairs is through a maintenance schedule. Since a lot of issues with pipes can be difficult to identify, a full inspection is key for catching minor issues before they worsen. Tough-to-spot leaks in kitchen sink drains or underneath water heaters are far more than just a hassle.

If left untreated, they can lead to structural damages. Water that leaks into plaster, for example, contributes to mildew growth. Furthermore, porous tiles or wood floors can warp or discolor from moisture.

Routine Maintenance Lombard IL Plumber

Some maintenance projects are basic DIY tasks. A plumbing inspection serves as the basis for any effective maintenance plan. While you might use your tubs and sinks daily, you may not detect minor worries unless you dedicate some time to inspect. Walk through your residence and look at all the plumbing components. Look at the pipes, including those underneath the sinks and in back of toilet tanks. Check for signs of leaks. On a muggy day, condensation upon a metal pipe is typical. So be sure to check the pipes on a cooler day. Also, look for warning signs of corrosion upon copper or brass fittings.

Open faucets in showers and sinks to assess water pressure. Some differences between faucets is standard. However, they should all provide a steady water flow. Observe how fast the water then after testing the faucets too. Slow drainage may indicate a clog is developing. Also, flush the toilets to confirm they do not run or have leaks at the base.

Inspections by a Certified Plumber

Inspections from our expert plumbers provides customer with an in-depth assessment. We will check out the water heater, fixtures, garbage disposal and other critical areas of your plumbing system. Even detailed plumbing inspections won’t stop the occasional leak or clog. Especially for older residences.

Dripping Faucets

This is among the most common – and irritating – plumbing problems. Anyone who attempts to sleep with a dripping faucet nearby knows it’s one of those things that needs prompt repair. However, the sound of the dripping is far from the only problem. Dripping faucets will obviously cause your water bills to climb. Just one dripping faucet may waste many gallons of water per month. That’s wasted money going down the drain one drop at a time.

Lower Water Pressure

When water that ought to flow is only trickling from the faucet, it’s a sign of low water pressure. Likewise for a weak shower flow. This may not be a piping issue. Instead, it could relate to the city water supply. It’s unusual, but a main line breaks can temporarily lower water pressure. More commonly, the cause of low pressure is accumulation of deposits upon faucet aerators. Generally, it merits a quick call to us. We’ll dispatch a Lombard IL Plumber who can identify what’s causing the pressure drop.

Running Toilets

If you’re weary of jiggling the toilet handle after flushing, it could be time to repair its inner components. Toilets tend run if the flapper valve doesn’t fit any longer. The flapper permits water to pass from the tank into the bowl. Other causes could be a floatation imbalance or a loose fill tube. On occasion, however, toilets run due to other, more complicated reasons. If you did replace the flapper, floatation apparatus and the fill tube, the problem may be sediment. When sediment collects in a toilet tank, it affects proper filling and flushing. Rising water costs may also be a sign of a “silent” leak. To identify a toilet leak, drop some food coloring into the tank. After about 20 minutes, look in the bowl for any signs of color. If you observe colored water, the flapper valve is probably not working correctly.

For these and all of your plumbing system needs, call Armbrust Plumbing & Heating Solutions. We’ll send an experienced Lombard IL Plumber ready to restore dependable plumbing to your home. Your comfort is out priority.

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