The Most Common Garbage Disposal Problems

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Garbage disposals are not complex appliances; however, they get a lot of use in the average household.

They are run by motors that rotate blades under the kitchen sink to grind up food particles and other waste. Because they are used so much and are placed in the busy kitchen sink, you want to keep them in the most optimal condition possible. Following are the most common problems to occur in garbage disposals.

Overheating:  When the garbage disposal is turned on and nothing happens, it’s most likely overheated due to being overfilled. When it is too full it turns itself off. If that happens you should look under the unit for a red reset button. If that doesn’t work then check your breaker box to see if a breaker has been tripped,

Jamming: Sometimes a piece of metal or objects like glass and plastic may get sucked into the bowl of the disposal, which causes it to jam. Removing the object with a long tool is the most obvious way to solve the problem. If you can get the object out by yourself. Call the experienced plumbers at Armbrust Plumbing & Heating Solutions for garbage disposal repair in St. Charles, IL.

Clogging: Certain kinds of foods like grease, fat, pasta, and other items that are not easy to grind can clog up the disposal.

In addition, garbage disposals deteriorate with age and begin to leak underneath the sink. You will most likely need to replace your old unit with a new one when this happens.