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A Few Answers to Plumbing-Related FAQs
Below we present some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our customers.
You’ll find information like how to switch off the water on a running toilet or proper garbage disposal use.

My kitchen faucet leaks. Should I fix it or replace it?

Faucet repair is the best option in many cases. However, when a faucet has corrosion or it’s too old to locate replacement parts, replacement is often easier.

What causes faucet leaks?

Corroding o-rings, valve seats or gaskets are among the most common causes of faucet leaks. Together, these parts serve to hold water flow until the faucet opens. When one of the parts corrodes, leaks are the common result. To stop a leak, switch off the water to the appropriate sink. Then open the faucet so the water in it drains out. Next, remove the faucet handle with a screw driver. If there’s a nut that holds the internal components in place, look to see if it’s loose. Use pliers to tighten the bolt, which is usually sufficient to stop the leaking. However, if that’s not sufficient, take off the nut and take apart the faucet. Do not disassemble the cartridge if the faucet contains one. Simply replace it instead.

Take a look at the faucet’s components. This generally includes washers, seals, o-rings and sometimes springs. Determine which part you’ll need to replace. Locate the right parts at your local hardware retailer and part the faucet together again. If it does not function call for the services of a Warrenville IL Plumber from Armbrust Plumbing & Heating Solutions.

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What causes pipe corrosion?

Corroding pipes can result from a few different factors. Naturally, most relate to water quality such as:

-Water temperature.
-Water pressure and the rate at which water flows through pipes.
-Chemicals within the water.
-The water’s pH levels and the amount of oxygen within the water.

How do I check to see if I have leaks?

There’s a relatively simply way to check if your home has water leaks. Just go to your water meter and note the level. Do not use any water for a while – perhaps three or four hours. Then, check the meter again. If there’s a change to the water level it’s a probable sign of a leak. Call us and we’ll dispatch a Warrenville IL Plumber to resolve the leak right away!

Not only can leaks get worse over time, they also can potentially do damage to a home. Leak location and repair provides benefits such as:

-Reduction or elimination of water loss.
-Less risk of water damage and the need for repairs.
-Less need for water pressurization and treatment.

So do leaks remain the same or get bigger with time?

They can get bigger. Water leaking from pipes or plumbing fixtures can eventually result in corrosion. Even a tiny leak may grow and lead to damage that could be prevented by Warrenville IL Plumber services.

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I don’t think there’s a leak, yet my water bills are rising. What’s the cause?

There could be a silent leak from a toilet. Here’s how to check:
Add some food coloring drop into your toilet tank. Be sure not to use the toilet for about 30 minutes. Then, look in the bowl to check of the food coloring is visible there. If it is, call Armbrust Plumbing & Heating Solutions for service as soon as you’re able!

My toilet always sounds like it’s running. What can I do to fix it?

The answer to this FAQ can depend on a few different things. When you open the toilet tank, you’ll see a plastic ball that floats on the water. This controls how high up the toilet fills. If the float cracks, water seeps in and the ball can sit on the water. Consequently, the toilet might overfill and water will leak into the overflow tubing. This creates the nonstop cycle of refilling and draining that escalates your water bill.

On occasion, repair the float simply requires bending the attachment arm so the float sits on the water again. If the plastic float ball is not the issue, the chain that connects to the handle may be too long. This means the ball may become stuck beneath the flap and allow water through. However, if the chain is too short, the flap will not seal correctly.

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