When to Replace Your Water Softener

When to Replace Your Water Softener

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When to Replace Your Water Softener

Sometimes water supplies contain hard minerals like calcium and magnesium. As a result these materials can cause spots to form on your glassware and dishes, irritate skin after showering and other problems. A water softener – an appliance that’s connected directed to your home’s water intake – is an effective solution. Affordable and efficient, water softeners utilize an ion exchange process where water moves through a component consisting of tiny plastic resin beads saturated with sodium.

As the water flows through the softener, those problematic minerals attach to the beads instead of into your home’s plumbing system. This occurs because sodium has a lesser attraction to the beads, releasing into the water and leaving it softer.

Here are a few of the signs that your home may have issues with hard water and could benefit from a new water softener:

-Your clothes feel scratchy and uncomfortable.
-You notice some limescale accumulation. A water softener can reduce the buildup and prevent the need to buy limescale cleaning products.
-Water heaters and laundry appliances can also be effected by hard water and become less efficient.
-Hardness in the water can lead to dry skin and hair. If you’ve been experiencing this it could be time to think about getting a water softener.

Installing a water softener system in your residence can solve the problems caused by hard water.
If you need a new softener system installed or need repairs to an existing one, Armbrust Plumbing & Heating Solutions is available and ready with timely and affordable solutions. Our expert plumber can help you at any time during the week or on weekends if that’s more convenient. Call us now at 630-547-7500 schedule an appointment.