4 Ways to Tell Your Pipes Are Frozen

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Keeping yourself and your family warm in the long winter months takes time and a bit of knowhow. The last thing you want during a harsh winter day is to find out one of your pipes is frozen. First and foremost, if you do have frozen pipes, act fast to call a plumber in Glen Ellyn, IL, before your home sustains the inevitable destruction that can happen with a broken pipe. When a pipe breaks water can fill a room and leave ruined possessions, mold, and mildew in its wake. Plus, you will have to replace that pipe, which has been broken by the freeze.

Pipes can freeze any time the temperature is below 32 degrees. Temperatures are lower during the night, so it’s good to take note of the weather forecast for both day and night. There are a few signs that indicate an uninsulated pipe or pipes may be frozen in your home. Take heed and call a professional plumber if you notice any of the following signs.

  • Frost Buildup: Check exposed pipes like those in a basement or garage as well as those under your sinks. If there is even a hint of frost, your pipe may be on its way to freezing.
  • No Water: If any faucet in your home is turned on but no water comes out, your pipe is frozen. Check all of your faucets and contact a plumber right away.
  • Bad Smell: A bad odor coming from the sink could mean the pipe has frozen water inside it. That means odors back up through the drain into the room.

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