Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips

Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips

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Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips

Your garbage disposal doesn’t require a lot of maintenance to keep doing its job reliably. Sensible use is typically all it takes to keep it working for many years. You likely know already that foods like banana peels, celery or potato peels, for example, can get tangled and block the blades of your disposal from functioning. Other food waste to keep out of your garbage disposal include things like bones, eggshells and coffee grounds.

Run the unit every couple days at least. Even when you don’t need to grind up any food waste, it’s still beneficial to run the disposal with cold water. This helps prevent rust from forming on the blades due to the lack of usage. Also, this will wash any food particles that may be stuck to the appliance.

Do not put any kind of starchy or fibrous leftovers into the disposal. Avoid dropping anything into the unit that might break it or gum up the blades. A garbage disposal is most effective for softer food products or ice cubes.

Remember to power off the garbage disposal whenever you need to clean or repair it. Like with any appliance, safety is always first. Unplug the disposal or shut off power at the circuit breaker prior to accessing the unit. This is essential for preventing any injury while you clean or work on the appliance.

Do not try to pull out clogs with your fingers. Instead, prevent injury from the unit’s blades by using tongs or pliers to remove any food scraps from the unit.

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