Garbage Disposal Wheaton IL

Garbage Disposal Wheaton IL

Garbage Disposal Wheaton

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A garbage disposal helps to keep your kitchen sink and connecting pipes free of clogs. However, when problems occur with your Garbage Disposal Wheaton IL, it impacts how you prepare meals and clean your kitchen.

On this page, we review some common signs that your garbage disposal requires service or potentially replacement.

-Frequent Resetting. The reset button feature on garbage disposals helps the device recover from large amounts of food waste and clogs. If your garbage disposal is in working condition, though, you should not have to use the reset often. In the event you must reset your disposal often it’s a sign it could be wearing out. Another cause of resets can be loose wires. In that situation, contact Armbrust Plumbing & Heating Solutions for assistance.

-Strange Sounds. Garbage disposals can make a lot of noise when an object accidentally falls into one.

When your disposal makes an unusual noise, use a flashlight to look for an obvious cause like silverware.

If there does not appear to be an object obstructing the blades, the disposal’s components might be misaligned. Usually, a simply adjustment resolves this problem.

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-Clogs. Wash food waste down the disposal in small amounts to prevent clogs in the appliance. However, if the disposal jams regardless, the problem may lie elsewhere. In some instances, clogs are a sign that you simply require a model of disposal with a greater capacity. On the other hand, clogs might indicate a malfunction.

-Lack of Power. When a garbage disposal does not switch on or shuts off while running, check for a blown circuit. If your home’s electrical systems appear to be functioning as normal, call Armbrust for a Garbage Disposal Wheaton IL inspection. In generally, an unexplained loss of power indicates a malfunctioning motor.

-Persistent, Unpleasant Odors. Garbage disposal smells, not surprisingly, are often unpleasant because they originate from wet food waste. However, a thorough cleanse usually eliminates unpleasant odors.

If cleaning doesn’t do the trick, you might require some expert help. An Armbrust plumber can dismantle the disposal to locate and remove trapped food particles that may be the cause.

It’s helpful to note that it’s not advisable to use chemical cleaning products on your garbage disposal. Many cleaning solvents are too harsh on plumbing appliances and can do damage to a disposal’s blades.

-Renovations. Although your disposal might not appear to be failing as you remodel your kitchen, it’s an ideal time for replacement. An older Garbage Disposal Wheaton IL may not offer the functionality you’d expect for a new kitchen.

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Consider replacing your garbage disposal if it’s over ten years old. Similarly, replacement is a good option if it’s been over a decade since your last renovation. Many types of garbage disposals have a lifespan of around 10 years. After that much use, clogs tend to occur more frequently.

-Insufficient Performance. Most food waste loads should go through your disposal rapidly. If it appears to take a lot of time for your disposal to break apart food waste, its blades may need sharpening or replacement. In other cases, deteriorated blades may call for replacement of the whole appliance.

An Armburst plumber can take a look at your disposal and recommend your best options.

-Water Leaks. With time and usage, water can seep through areas where your garbage disposal attaches to your plumbing system. Frequently, when a disposal leaks becomes noticeable, it means it’s time for a replacement.

These telltale leaks may appear as puddles by your kitchen or cabinets. It’s easy to mistake it for a dishwasher leak instead. Have our experienced plumbers locate the source of any leaks that appear to originate from your disposal.

If the event you observe any of these common signs, contact Armbrust Plumbing & Heating Solutions. We’re experts in garbage disposal repairs and installation. You can depend on us to provide the affordable services you require. Plus, we can provide some useful tips on caring for your new garbage disposal to extend its service life. Our goal is always to deliver solutions at competitive rates for our customers.

Schedule a service appointment today with an experienced plumbing professional. We’ll assess what’s wrong with your plumbing appliances and overall system and recommend your best options for restoring service.

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