Home Heating Basics

Home Heating Basics

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Home Heating Basics

Home heating systems have three basic main components:

-A source of warmed air.
-Distribution of that warmed air throughout your house
-A way to regulate the system, which would be the thermostat.

When a home heating system shows signs of malfunctioning, the problem could be within any one of these three components. All furnaces and heaters function on the principle that heat moves away from a warmer object and toward a cooler one. (Similar to how water flows from a higher level to a lower level.)

For fuel, most home heating systems run on gas or oil, while some use electricity. When a furnace is running, it consumes fuel (gas, oil, or electricity) and produces heat. The warm air then moves into the home through air ducts and into rooms through registers. Older home heating systems heat up water, which in turn warms the air in a home or commercial structure. These older systems use a boiler to contain and heat the water, which then circulates through interior pipes.

There are a number of indicators that you’re due for heating repair. Obviously, if your home is simply too cold and doesn’t seem to ever heat up sufficiently, you should call the experts at Armbrust Plumbing & Heating for speedy service. Other signs to watch for include strange sounds emanating from your furnace, or when the rooms in your home are heating unevenly. Another sign of the need for heating repair is if you need to make frequent adjustments to your thermostat just to maintain comfortable heat levels.