How Old Is Your Furnace?

How Old Is Your Furnace?

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How Old Is Your Furnace?

Looking for a replacement furnace under the pressure of an emergency situation may not allow enough time for you to make your best choice. It’s much better to replace a furnace as a scheduled home improvement as opposed to a rushed replacement in the middle of winter.

Signs of an aging furnace include:

-Energy bills going up. Increasing electric and gas prices are not the only cause of high monthly energy bills. As they age, furnaces typically lose their efficiency – particularly if they haven’t been sufficiently maintained. A furnace that’s in disrepair may often need to run longer just to supply the same heat it did when it was new. The result is escalating bills every month just to get the same degree of comfort.

-Multiple repairs in recent years. When one component of an aging furnace is replaced, another will probably need replacement soon, too. It doesn’t take very long to spend quite a bit just to keep that old furnace struggling along. Typically, furnaces experience most malfunctions over the last part of their lifespan. Another potential problem with very old furnaces is that it can sometimes be a challenge to locate the right replacement parts.

-Thermostat failing. Do some rooms in your home feel too chilly while other rooms feel too warm and stuffy? Are you consistently making adjustments to your thermostat just to try and maintain a comfortable environment? If this is the case, it’s a sure indicator that your unit is at the end of its service life and not adequately distributing warm air.