How to Perform Basic Air Conditioning Maintenance

Close-up of air conditioner grateDuring the summer months, an air conditioner is your best friend. However, once it breaks you may be stuck suffering through many sticky, warm days before you finally get it repaired. Understanding how to perform basic maintenance throughout the summer can help drastically reduce the risk of a breakdown. At Armbrust Plumbing, we want to provide our customers with the knowledge they need to keep their air conditioning in Carol Stream, IL running at full capacity.

The first thing you want to do is shut off the air conditioner’s power. Doing so prevents any electrical accidents from happening while you’re handling the unit. Once you’re certain it’s safe to begin messing with the machinery, remove the fan cage and clean any leaves and other debris from the AC interior. If you have an indoor AC unit, be sure to clear the filter of any dust and dirt that has collected on it.

Once you have removed all of the dust and debris, use a garden hose to spray the fins to clean them of any built up dirt. Then check to see if any of the fins have been bent and carefully straighten them with a butter knife. Any obstruction in airflow reduces your AC’s productivity, so it’s important to make sure the interior is clean and in top shape.

Put your AC back together and clean the area around the unit, by removing excess leaves and branches or dusting the window sills and floors. If you’re in need of more advanced air conditioning maintenance, don’t hesitate to call Armbrust Plumbing at (630) 547-7500.