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HVAC Jobs Carol Stream IL

The sewer system is a major component of every residential plumbing system, performing the very important job of transporting wastewater away. Similar to pipes in other areas of your plumbing design, sewer system pipes might face significant problems from time to time.

These issues can come in various forms. However, they can result in serious damages if they go unnoticed for too long. But since they are typically below the ground, it can be difficult to notice when something is wrong.

So, how can a homeowner determine when its time to call for professional plumbing services to repair or clear a clogged sewer pipe?

Here are some of the most common indications that there are sewer pipes in your residential system in need of prompt service:

-Slow drainage. A common sign of many sewage system problems is drains that slow down or even stop draining completely. Some slow drainage problems, however, are not always in the sewer system. In order to get an idea where the blockage is occurring, take a look at how many of your drains are slow or fully blocked. If each drain in your home’s sewer system is showing problems, it’s a clear sign you should schedule sewer repair right away.

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-Gurgling noises. Don’t be alarmed if you’re hearing some bubbling sounds coming out of your pipes when your plumbing is being used. You should probably be concerned, though, if the sounds are occurring when you are not using your plumbing. Usually, the cause of those gurgling sounds is air trapped within the pipes.

-Damage to the foundation. A faulty sewer pipe can lead to major damages to your home in the event it breaks and leaks. Over a relatively short period of time, leaking water can even weaken the foundation of your home. There’s also the possibility that the water might cause sinkholes to start forming in your yard or result in cracks on the foundation.

Fortunately, if you ensure that your system remains in good operating condition through regular maintenance visits by your dependable plumber, it’s unlikely you’ll be faced with such serious problems.
-Changing water levels in the toilet. If you suspect there’s a sewer problem developing in your home’s system, start by checking out your toilets. If there is a clog within the system, one or more of the toilets may have too little or too much water in the bowl. – HVAC Jobs Carol Stream IL

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-Septic water pooling on your lawn. Random puddles of water forming on your residential property are a telltale sign of something that needs professional services right away. Cracks developing in a sewer line can, naturally, let water start to leak out. Once that occurs, it may steadily accumulate on your property, forming unsightly puddles and soggy sections of grass.
-Sewage odors. Like other pipes that make up a plumbing structure, sewage pipes are manufactured to keep wastewater and gas from going places where they should not.

Any type of damage to pipes may result in leaks that can permit the foul-smelling sewer water onto your yard. The drains in your home, too, can also emit unpleasant odors if there’s a clog within your pipes or sewer lines. – HVAC Jobs Carol Stream IL

-Sections of your yard that are unusually green. Sewage can in some ways be a mixed blessing for a yard. The water can help your grass and plants grow. On the other hand, though, the bacteria within the sewage can also cause your grass to get sick and start to die off. If your yard is looking greener than it used to or, conversely, dying off all of a sudden, the culprit may be your sewer system. – HVAC Jobs Carol Stream IL

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