Most Common Plumbing Myths, Part 1

stainless steel kitchen sink with running waterMaintaining the plumbing in your home is absolutely essential to the everyday life of you and your family. Without it, your toilets, sinks, and other drains will be completely useless. Though basic maintenance can be common knowledge to most homeowners, there is a large amount of people who are misinformed when it comes to their plumbing system’s functionality. At Armbrust Plumbing, we want to make sure every homeowner is informed of the basic plumbing knowledge, which can prevent unnecessary and costly repairs. Below are some of the most common plumbing myths people believe.

Stuffing Lemons down Your Garbage Disposal Will Clean it

One common plumbing myth is that running lemons through your garbage disposal will clean it. This may make your drain smell better initially, but it is overall a waste of lemons. In order to properly clean your garbage disposal, you’ll need to use a solution of mild soap and warm water. Spray the cleaning solution into the drain; let it soak for a few minutes, then scrub the disposal with a brush. Do make sure you disconnect your garbage disposal before sticking anything, especially your hands, down inside of it.

Running Water down the Garbage Disposal will help Anything Go Down

Another garbage disposal myth people swear by is running water down the drain allows anything you put in it to go down smoothly. As much as we may wish, you can’t put everything down the garbage disposal. Many hard or thick items, such as banana peels and eggshells, can end up damaging your disposal and leave you with costly repair work (and no garbage disposal for everything else).

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