Overhead Sewer Wheaton IL

Overhead Sewer Wheaton IL

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Are you experiencing problems with your home’s main sewer line? If you are a resident of Wheaton, contact the city’s Sewer Department today at 630-260-2110. The city is responsible for maintaining the sewer mains that transport wastewater to the lines owned by the Wheaton Sanitary District for treatment.

If you reside in another part of the Wheaton Sanitary District’s service area (and you pay a bill each month to the district) please call the district at 630-740-6730. It is beneficial if you are able to provide them with the time that flooding impacted your home and approximately how high the water sits over your basement’s floor drain.

For assistance with providing information to the city and for information about converting your home to an Overhead Sewer Wheaton IL, call Armbrust Plumbing & Heating Solutions at 630-547-7500.

Homeowners are responsible for the sanitary services lateral from their home to their municipality’s main sewer line. The district is responsible for maintaining the main sewer line. That’s why it’s a smart practice to schedule preventive maintenance services by Armbrust on your home’s service lateral. Maintenance will minimize the risk of problems developing that could lead to sewage backing up into your home. You’ll want to be sure that invasive tree and plant roots, debris and grease won’t form obstructions in your sewer line. Sewer line backups in a residence or commercial building can be the result of:

-Loss of electrical power. If the power goes out, it will prevent your residential sanitary sewage sump pump from functioning. To ensure that your sump pump will continue operating in the event of a power outage, consider investing in a backup power supply. Batteries usually supply an hour or two of power to a sump pump. For even more backup power, you might to consider purchasing or renting a generator.

-Invasive tree and plant roots. Without a doubt, tree roots are a common cause of obstruction in a private sewer service lateral. In fact, tree roots underground can even grow as long the tree’s branches above ground.

If the location of your service lateral is beneath tree branches, there could be the risk that that the roots will grow into the lateral and obstruct it.

-Obstruction in the main sewer lines. Problems that develop in your service lateral can also happen within a sanitary sewage main. This is why districts conduct regular maintenance on the main sewer lines. When defects are found, the district fixes them as part of its preventive maintenance practices.

-Heavy rains. Rain water should go into drainage ditches, storm inlets and creeks. However, it will often enter sanitary sewers in various ways. When too much rain enters a sewer, it can frequently reduce the sewer’s capacity to safely transport wastewater. Consequently, that can contribute to the possibility of a backup in your basement. The Wheaton Sanitary District regularly rehabilitates main sewer lines in order to minimize how much rainwater will enter them.

If you want to add more protection against sewer backup for your residential property, call Armbrust Plumbing & Heating Solutions to learn more about Overhead Sewer Wheaton IL and cost participation programs available through the Wheaton Sanitary District.

An Overhead Sewer Wheaton IL (a sanitary sewage sump pump equipped with a check valve) may be the right solution for your home! Basically, with an overhead system, wastewater from the main and upper floors of a home drain into your municipality’s main sewer line by gravity. Wastewater from lower levels – like the fixtures in your basement – drain into a basin. At that point, a pump discharges the wastewater to an overhead line in the system.

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