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Sump Pumps Wheaton IL

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A sump pump is basically a fairly small pump a technician installs in the lowest point of a basement. The pump functions to help prevent the space beneath a home or building remain dry and avoid flooding. We generally install sump pumps in sump “pits.” Water moves into the pit via drains or by natural flow through the underlying soil. The sump pump’s task is to draw water from the pit and direct it away from the home or building.

It’s a simple fact of homeownership that, at some point, you’ll need to deal with water in your basement. It does not require a lot of water to result in significant problems. Furthermore, a wet basement may lead to hazardous mold or mildew growth. That can cause health-related and indoor air quality problems.

Sump pumps are a relative common feature in many Illinois homes. Particularly in low-lying communities or areas where melting snow can flood basements. Sump pumps are fairly common within new construction homes especially.

Sump Pump Basics

Please read on to learn how Sump Pumps Wheaton IL work and what you should do if yours stops working.

As we mention above, a sump pump typically sits in a sump pit. The pit is usually a hole about two feet in depth and approximately 18 inches wide. It’s often dug in a basement’s lowest area. When water fills the pit, the pump switches on. It directs the water out of the pit into pipes that carry it away from the home. It empties out at a location where the water drains away from the home’s foundation. The pipes have a check valve at the pump’s end to prevent water from flowing backwards.

Many Sump Pumps Wheaton IL activate automatically through a float activation arm or through a pressure sensor. The sensor functions as the name implies: water applies greater pressure on the sensor than the air does. This causes the pump to switch on. The float activator device function like the ones in toilet tanks. A floating ball sits on the water, which moves the arm when the water rises. You also can purchase a manually operated sump pump. This variety operates only when manually switch it on. However, these aren’t quite as commonly used. Automatic pumps typically feature an option for activating the unit in the event the float device or sensor fails.

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A standard sump pump utilizes a centrifugal pump to draw water. When the motor switches on, it causes an impeller device to rotate. Applying centrifugal force, the rotating impeller forces the water to the sides of the pipes. As a result, it creates a low-pressure area in the center. Water flows in to fill up the void. The spinning impeller forces the water outward through the pipe.

Sump pumps for residential use are electric powered and run on standard household currents. Consequently, they don’t need special wiring other than a grounded outlet. Because the pump is, naturally, in or close to water, it’s a safe practice to install a GFCI on the outlet.

There are two main designs for sump pumps. Each are approximately two-and-a-half to three feet high. A submersible pump sits in water. It’s enclosed within a water resistant housing, with the pump at the bottom and an outlet pipe at the top. A flat screen typically covers the pump’s bottom to block out dirt and debris. When the pump activates it draws water through the screen, routes it to the pipes and away from your basement.

Another commonly used variety of sump pump is called the pedestal pump. They resemble a stick with a wide head at the end. The pedestal serves to keep the pump away from the water even if the pit becomes full. An inlet pipe extends downward to the pit’s bottom to draw out the water. Because the unit’s motor and pump are not in the water, pedestal pumps tend be louder. However, they also tend to cost less when compared to some other pump varieties.

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