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Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair

Is your furnace ready to keep your household comfortable all winter? Here are a few common indications that your furnace probably needs repairs:

-No Warm Air. We’ll start with the most obvious sign of a problem. It’s clear that a furnace not producing warm air needs service. However, that’s still true when the air is warm but not as warm as you prefer. The issue may stem from a clogged burner, a problem within the ductwork or another issue. Our West Chicago IL Heating and Cooling experts will identify what’s wrong and restore service promptly.

-Weak Airflow. An obstruction in the ductwork may restrict proper air flow in your home. However, this problem could also result from a faulty fan motor. Low heat levels and weak airflow each have a similar effect. They force your furnace to “work” harder just to maintain adequate heat. Consequently, heating bills escalate along with the risk of a breakdown.

-Unusual Sounds. Any sounds you don’t associate as part of your furnace’s normal function may be cause for concern. If you hear groans, rattles, whistles or any of the sort, contact us for West Chicago IL Heating and Cooling service.

-Escalating Utility Bills. We already made mention of this but it’s worth emphasizing. In some cases a furnace problem doesn’t show itself overtly. However, a malfunctioning part can cause a furnace to consume lots of energy to perform its task. As a result, your utilities increase even if you don’t run the heating more than usual.

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Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

Does your air conditioner maintain a comfortable, cool environment for your household all summer long? Contemporary a.c. is built to last. But like any major appliance with many components, problems can develop. So, how can a homeowner know then their cooling system needs service? If your air conditioner shows any of these warning signs don’t hesitate to call us for assistance.

-No Cool Air. If you feel warm air coming through the vents in your home take a look at the thermostat. Verify it’s set to cooling mode. Then, set it lower than the present temperature. If nothing changes, the cause could be a compressor problem or blocked airflow.

-Weak Airflow. Just as is the case with heating, insufficient airflow is also a sign of air conditioner trouble. The cause here may be a ventilation clog, a dirty air filter or a failing motor.

If poor airflow is a recurring issue for your household, we might suggest investing in an efficient, energy-recovery ventilator. It provides air conditioners with a boost by trading stale air with fresh air each time the system cycles. Also, your air conditioning might benefit from a zone systems. These can assure proper airflow and cooling in areas where it’s needed the most.

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-Frequent Cycling. Air conditioners should typically go through routine cooling cycles regardless of weather conditions. Though a cooling system will obviously activate more often on hot days, it shouldn’t cycle continually. Contact our West Chicago IL Heating and Cooling experts if you observe frequent cycling. A routine tune-up may be all that’s required to restore proper function. However, frequent cycling may signal it’s time to replace your air conditioning.

-Excessive Humidity. Sticky weather is expected in the spring and summer seasons. But that does not mean homeowners want that same feeling indoors. Air conditioners are made to moderate levels of humidity automatically. When your home’s cooling system can’t maintain comfortable moisture levels,

it needs repair. We’ll assess the issue promptly and advise you if your air conditioner requires a basic recalibration. Alternatively, a whole-home dehumidifier might also be a solution as well.

-Unpleasant Odors. If you detect unusual odors and believe they’re coming directly from your air conditioner call us for help. It’s one of those issues that calls for a solution promptly. In most cases,

a quick evaluation will usually suffice. Our techs can determine if your air conditioner requires a tune-up and cleaning or a more involved solution.

Don’t be uncomfortable! If your home is not heating or cooling properly give us a call today!

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