Wheaton IL Indoor Air Quality

Wheaton IL Indoor Air Quality

Wheaton IL Indoor Air Quality

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Do you have concerns that your household has a problem with indoor air quality? Here are a few signs that your Wheaton IL home’s air quality needs improvement.

HVAC Inefficiencies

Many newer air conditioners have Energy Star labels. These indicate that they fulfill the government’s standards with respect to energy efficiency. The corresponding labels on the a.c. unit show details on efficiency and estimated expense for cooling a residence. If your cooling system tends to go over these guidelines it might lack the capacity to function properly. Inefficient cooling systems can contribute to problems with indoor air quality. They might be unable to filter dust particles, maintain humidity levels, or maintain consistent temperatures.

Humidity Problems.

Humidity that’s too high or low can cause more than just discomfort. They are a number of ways to identify when your home has humidity levels that are too low. For example, if there is continual static electricity, dry indoor plant life or peeling wallpaper. This also can lead to problems such as higher risk of infections, colds, and itchy eyes. In contrast, high humidity levels can cause health issues too. Excess indoor dampness can lead to mold growth while also encouraging dust and allergens to spread.

Dusty Air – Wheaton IL Indoor Air Quality

When you begin a renovation project for your residence, it common to see more dust than usual. However, without renovations as a cause, excess dust should not collect on surfaces or cloud the air. Too much dust can draw dust mites, which are a frequent cause of many allergies. Once they settle, mites are tough to eliminate because dust attracts them. Vacuum and wash bedding on a regular basis to help prevent dust mites. However, if the dust persists, call Armbrust and talk to our Wheaton IL Indoor Air Quality experts. We can perform tests on your indoor air quality and recommend effective ways to improve it.

Too much dust is a warning sign that your home’s HVAC system is not filtering the air properly. If it’s been over a month since you last did so, change your system’s air filter.

Indoor Air Quality refers to air quality in and around buildings and physical structures. Particularly in relation to the health of the building’s occupants. Knowing and managing common indoor air pollutants can help minimize the risk of indoor health problems for your household. It can be fairly soon or years after exposure that people experience the health consequences.*

Some of the health effects might become apparent shortly after just one or many exposures to a pollutant. These may include fatigue, dizziness, and irritation of the eyes, nose and throat. However, some of these effects don’t last long and are treatable. In some cases the treatment is just eliminating exposure to the source of the pollutant. Shortly after exposure to some types of air pollutants, symptoms of ailments such as asthma may get worse.

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The probability of an immediate reaction to indoor air pollutants relies on factors like age and current medical condition. In many cases, reaction to an air pollutant depends upon the individual’s sensitivity. Therefore, reactions can vary a lot from one person to another.

Some immediate reactions are similar to how people react to colds or other illness. Consequently, it’s frequently difficult to identify when symptoms result from exposure to indoor air pollutant. That’s why it’s important to note the time and location when symptoms happen. For example, note if symptoms stop when you’re away from your home. Try to identify which indoor air sources might be potential causes. Some symptoms can worsen due to inadequate outdoor air supplies coming in. Indoor heating, cooling and humidity can also be a factor.

Other health issues can show up years after exposure or after many, recurring episodes of exposure. These issues can include respiratory ailments and heart diseases, which can be debilitating or even deadly. Even when symptoms are not evident, it is beneficial to improve your home’s Wheaton IL Indoor Air Quality.

More research is required for a better understanding of which problems result from exposure to air pollutants found in homes.

*Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency

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