Where Should You Install a Water Heater?

When you aren’t sure where to install your new water heater, think about what would happen if it leaked into the space. Would it ruin your flooring? Damage any furniture? Cause toxic and unhealthy mildew and mold? Even if your water heater sits in a pan in your garage, remember that a pan only holds a small amount of water. So, you don’t want the leak to destroy anything in your garage that is important or valuable.

As installers of water heaters in Glen Ellyn, IL, and the surrounding areas, Armbrust Plumbing & Heating Solutions recommends that you and your installer follow your local regulations and codes. Make sure you work with a knowledgeable contractor. It is generally recommended that water heaters be placed next to an exterior wall so there’s room for a flue. It is also good to find a place that is near to the faucets that will be used for your hot water.

 Check that the surface where you want the water heater to go is even. When you hire a professional that has experience with water heaters in Glen Ellyn, IL, he will be sure to use shims on the base of your new water heater until the surface it’s on is perfectly level. If the surface is not even, the water flow will be impacted. It’s best not to put your new water heater in a place that may leak into your home’s foundation or subfloor. Also, common sense dictates that all flammable materials be kept away from the water heater and that it should be placed in an area where maintenance and repairs are easily accessible.

Most experienced plumbers know that water heater manufacturers prefer that their appliances are installed near a power source, so that necessary wires are as short as possible. Visit ArmbrustPlumbing.com to check out our services for water heaters in Glen Ellyn, IL. We have served many satisfied customers in Glen Ellyn, Wheaton, Carol Stream, St. Charles, and throughout DuPage County in Illinois. Contact us for more information or to schedule a free estimate. We also offer 24/7 emergency service for your convenience.