Winterize Your Plumbing

Winterize Your Plumbing

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Winterize Your Plumbing

Frigid temperatures can be especially tough on plumbing pipes. The consequences of poor plumbing system maintenance during the cold months of the year can be costly. Freezing pipes cannot just impede reliable water supply, but are also at risk of rupturing.

Avoid these problems and protect your household with a few plumbing winterizing tips:

Outdoor Plumbing

-Disconnect all hoses. Start by removing and draining all of your external hoses. If left connected, ice can begin to form. That can lead to an accumulation of pressure within interior water lines and increase the risk of a break.

-Drain outside water lines. Switch off the water supply to outside faucets. Drain remaining water in the lines by opening up the taps to let them empty out.
-Dress the faucets. Insulate outside pipes with a faucet sock for protection against low temperatures.

General Plumbing

-Open taps. One of the simplest ways to winterize plumbing is turn on the faucet. Because flowing water is resistant to freezing, open the tap to permit a trickle of water during cold snaps or overnight while temperatures drop to their low point.

-Pipe insulation. Plumbing pipes that run through external walls or uninsulated locations like an attic or crawl space can use some extra protection. Wrap the pipes with foam insulation and secure it with electrical tape.

-Monitor the temperature. When the weather forecast calls for especially cold conditions, try not to allow your household temperatures fall any lower than 55 degrees. If your home features a zoned system, be sure to adjust each thermostat accordingly.